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“What I love about [her] voice lessons is that it really pushes you out of your comfort zone to get better and improve your ‘weak spots’.”

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Master Your Stage Presence

Become a master on the stage by building your confidence that helps in everyday life, both on the stage and off.

Build Confidence

Singing in front of people helps to build confidence both on and off the stage.

Sing Better

Become a better singer with Lindsey’s vast training and competition experience.

Get In Shape

Become a healthier person by maintaining a fitness regimen to keep you at 100%.

Pageant Preparation

Soar past your competition with the help and guidance of Indiana’s top pageant coach.


Welcome to, where Vocal Power Studio empowers you to Master Your Stage Presence. Elevate your performance skills and command every stage you step onto with unwavering confidence. Our studio is dedicated to helping you become a master not only on stage but also in everyday life. Led by the experienced and acclaimed Lindsey ” ” Konkler, our comprehensive programs are designed to transform you into a captivating performer, enriching your journey with invaluable tools for personal growth. Enroll today and embark on a transformative journey that encompasses building confidence, refining your singing prowess, maintaining peak fitness, and receiving top-tier pageant preparation from Indiana’s foremost coach. Let your journey to self-discovery and empowerment begin here.

Our Mission Statement

At Vocal Power Studio, our mission is to empower individuals to unleash their full artistic and personal potential, all while embracing the profound importance of Christian values. Through expert guidance, immersive training, and unwavering support, we provide a nurturing environment where aspiring performers can flourish, upholding the principles that reflect Christ’s teachings. We believe in the transformative power of stage presence, confident expression, and self-discovery, all of which are enhanced by our commitment to Christian values. With a deep dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and continuous growth, we aim to cultivate not only exceptional artists but also confident, resilient individuals prepared to conquer both the stage and life’s challenges in alignment with their faith. As we celebrate the unique journey of each student, we pledge to be a beacon of inspiration, fostering a community that thrives on artistic passion, self-assurance, boundless creativity, and the nurturing of Christian virtues. Join us on this harmonious journey of empowerment, where Christian values and artistic pursuits intertwine seamlessly.

Lindsey Kramer

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“I am not afraid to get up on stage and sing or perform in front of a large crowd and it has helped my confidence, which has also helped me in school and everyday life. Lindsey has taught me how to use big words, how to hold the mic, and how to be a performer and entertainer.”

-Malayleigh McClure

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Pageant Approved

Lindsey works closely with local and state pageants which gives her a unique edge in helping other young women achieve their goals. As a consultant she concentrates on all aspects of the competition including music selection, music editing, vocal styling, stage presence, wardrobe, makeup, and interview preparation including paperwork.


Elevate your journey with Vocal Power Studio and discover the ultimate platform for honing your performance skills. Lindsey, drawing from her extensive global performance experiences, has meticulously crafted a haven for stage enthusiasts right in your local community. Now, embracing a new era of accessibility, we proudly introduce flexible Zoom classes tailored for individuals with bustling schedules or those separated by distance. With VPS, you’re not just choosing a studio – you’re embracing a holistic path to growth and excellence.


Vocal Coaching

Master the art of singing under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Stage Presence

Unlock the secrets to commanding every stage you step onto.

Interview Preparation

Shine in interviews and discussions, both on and off the stage.

Fitness Training

Elevate your physical stamina and grace through tailored fitness regimens.

Nutrition Education

Equip yourself with knowledge to fuel your body for optimal performance.

Confidence & Personal Growth

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Explore the transformative potential that Vocal Power Studio offers. Let’s connect and embark on this incredible journey together.

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