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“What I love about [her] voice lessons is that it really pushes you out of your comfort zone to get better and improve your ‘weak spots’.”

Master Your Stage Presence

Become a master on the stage by building your confidence that helps in everyday life, both on the stage and off.


Build Confidence

Singing in front of people helps to build confidence both on and off the stage.

Sing Better

Become a better singer with Lindsey’s vast training and competition experience.


Get In Shape

Become a healthier person by maintaining a fitness regimen to keep you at 100%.

Pageant Preparation

Soar past your competition with the help and guidance of Indiana’s top pageant coach.


I’m Lindsey, the director and vocal coach at VPS. Over the years as VPS has grown, I have found that what started as vocal coaching has developed into an organization that provides training in voice, stage presence, interview preparation, fitness, nutrition, confidence and personal growth. I have simply taken what I have learned from those who have mentored me and years of touring around the world to create a space where those interested in the stage can learn and grow.

While I loved performing abroad, I am a small town girl at heart. After graduating from Ball State University and gaining valuable stage experience in various venues, I was ready to settle back home. I loved traveling, but I also love investing in others and helping them reach their full potential.  It is a privilege to mentor a vocalist and watch him gain confidence in front of a crowd. It is exciting to see a young woman handle herself on stage with elegance and class. But every hour in my studio ultimately brings fulfillment when I see a student grow and learn who they are and translate that into their performance. This is why I do what I do.

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“I am not afraid to get up on stage and sing or perform in front of a large crowd and it has helped my confidence, which has also helped me in school and everyday life. Lindsey has taught me how to use big words, how to hold the mic, and how to be a performer and entertainer.”

-Malayleigh McClure

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Pageant Approved

Lindsey works closely with local and state pageants which gives her a unique edge in helping other young women achieve their goals. As a consultant she concentrates on all aspects of the competition including music selection, music editing, vocal styling, stage presence, wardrobe, makeup, and interview preparation including paperwork.


From all her experiences performing all over the world, Lindsey has created a space locally for those interested in the stage.


Vocal Coaching


Stage Presence


Interview Preparation


Fitness Training


Nutrition Education


Confidence & Personal Growth

Are you ready to grow both on and off the stage? Are you ready to dominate the competition and start bringing home the gold? Are you ready to transform your performances into the best they can be? Send me a note with a little about yourself!

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